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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Haulin'--For the first time ever. Ahhh!

Hello Dolls!!!
This is my FIRST haul EVER! ahh! lol
Anywhoo! I wont go into depth about EVERY product... 
BUT, If you would like me to review anything, 
please let me know:)
So, with that... lets get started! 


Can Can By Paris Hilton $9.99
I picked this tiny perfume to test it&to take on vacation.
(I didnt want to take my big ol' perfume with me 
&I had been wanting to try this FOREVER)

Heat Rush By Beyonce Gift Set $29.99
I tried it on at the mall &fell in love! Purchased it at Target;)

                                                Skin Care                                                                              
 I cant remember the prices-__-
but I got The Continuous Control, 
Mattifying Cleanser, &Dual Action Moisturizer.

 My good friend Dana, girlsimplyy.blogspot.com
posted about these masks! &I HAD to give it a try!
There are various diff. kinds for diff. purposes!
I got the cucumber peel off mask! $1.30
                                        Hair Stuff                                            
Herbal Essence Tousel Me Softly $3.99
smells great &it doesnt leave your hair stiff:) 
 Maybelline's Baby Lips in Peach Kiss $2.49
Smells SO good! &Leaves my lips super soft;-*
 Milani's Glitter Pencil in Emerald Stone $5.99
Love this emerald shade &the glitter! 
Beautiful smudged on the lash line!
Milani Glitter Nail Polish in Gold Glitz $3.99
I love glitter!!! 
ESPECIALLY on nails! I will be purchasing other colors;)

That is all Dolls!
Hope you enjoyed &if you see anything you would like a review on,
Leave a comment below! :)

Until next time,

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