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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mini Nail Polish Haul!

So, I picked up a couple nail polishes last night at Target!
When I only went to buy deodorant, cotton balls, &nail polish remover! -.- 
Lol, I know. I have a problem....Anywaaaay! haha
Here they are...

Sinful Colors-Cream Pink $1.99
3 Coats/No topcoat added
Not sheer, but not super thick.
Color becomes truer by the 3rd coat.

Milani-Diamond Dazzle $3.99
3 coats/No topcoat added
Very sheer, yet noticeable.
I would use this on top of nail polishes to give a glitzy effect.

Milani-Gems $3.99
3 coats/No topcoat added
Chunky glitter, yet lays nicely.
Also would use this on top of a nail polish for a confetti effect.

Wet&Wild (Wild Shine) - Metallica $1.49
3 Coats/No topcoat added
True to its color. It represents its name well.

Wet&Wild (Wild Shine) - Night Prowl $1.49
3 Coats/No topcoat added
 Super sheer. 
But, once you add 3 coats, it's gorgeous!
&I these are my Nails Of The Week!
I used Cotton Candy by Sation as my base,
&Milani's Diamond Dazzle on top!
The pink dots are Sinful Colors-Cream Pink
Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time...


  1. I like the chunky glitter one best! I need to paint my nails soon actually so great post :)

  2. very pretty mani. I haven't tried the milani polishes i really need to check them out because they are gorgeous